• Blockchain is Here - Are You Ready?
    By definition, a "killer app" is at once handy and disruptive. And as handy and disruptive as the mother-of-all killer apps, the Internet, has been, Blockchain will be quantum-leap disruptive for everyone, but handy only for those who make the quantum leap. Will your small business be
  • We Began With Freedom And The World Is Better For It
    America began with freedom and liberty was made manifest. We began with freedom and entrepreneurship was born. We began with freedom and capitalism flourished. This week, we celebrate and honor the American
  • 25 Business Tips on How to Save Money
    The world of business is not a comfortable place to be. The job of a small business owner is hard, but it is often a dream some people aspire to. And, that is why most go after it. Every potential business owner wants to know what success looks like. It is why your goal is […]


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